Private driver

Looking for professional transport for yourself or your guests?

Taxi Armada specialises in the business segment which guarantees that our transport services are tailored to the needs of today’s business traveller.

Our drivers are trained at the highest standard to provide a quality service to our high level customers.

Passenger transport must be able to meet quite a few requirements. In addition to safety and reliability, luxury and comfort are also of great importance. Especially when it comes to VIP transport. This may be necessary if you want your business relations to travel in style, but of course also if you want to be taken from A to B in a luxurious way. At Taxi Armada we understand that like no other. Within our taxi company we therefore only use fully equipped vehicles.

Our fleet are not only suitable for various forms of group transport, but also meet more requirements if the journey has to meet. Of course you can count on high-quality service and a friendly, skilled driver. Because they understand their profession well, you are always assured of a pleasant journey if you want to use VIP transport.

Luxury and safe VIP transport

Of course we are also there for you if you need suitable executive transport or other forms of luxury business transport. You can think of transport to or from events, business meetings or other important meetings where adapted taxi transport is desired. Taxi Armada is also specialized in providing various forms of airport transport.

You can therefore also use our extensive services for transport to or from Schiphol. Discretion, professionalism and reliability are always of paramount importance. Our friendly drivers do everything they can to take you to your desired destination in a comfortable and luxurious way. Providing excellent service is therefore always a matter of course for us.







The VIP private driver of Taxi Armada can be used and available everywhere. We are happy to assist you in arranging short journeys, but you can also use our extensive services if you want to tour nationally or even internationally. Naturally, you can count on favorable and transparent price agreements. Taxi Armada is therefore happy to be your professional transporter for all forms of VIP transport. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Taxi Armada is the specialist in the field of VIP transport. Our luxuriously equipped fleet is very suitable for stylish and comfortable travel. Not only for short distances, but also if you want to tour the Netherlands or Europe. The friendly drivers of Taxi Armada always provide you with VIP transport that fully meets your needs.