Private Taxi Tour Paris

With our private cab tour Paris you will experience a special day out to the romantic French city of Paris, one of the most special cities in Europe. You will be brought by an experienced driver, with a luxurious new car without cab designation.

All of our cars have luxury conveniences such as leather upholstery, seat heating, drinks, snacks, a phone jack and wifi. So you will be transported in luxury, with your own private driver, just a little different than you are used to. With a luxury private cab tour to Paris you can be sure that you will be served at your beck and call. And all that at a competitive rate!

Our fleet are not only suitable for various forms of group transport, but also meet more requirements if the journey has to meet. Of course you can count on high-quality service and a friendly, skilled driver. Because they understand their profession well, you are always assured of a pleasant journey if you want to use VIP transport.


Are you visiting the Netherlands and would like to see more of Europe? Then a visit to Paris is more than worthwhile. Whether you like shopping or sightseeing, walking or architecture, Paris offers something for everyone. A visit to Paris always guarantees a special day. We are happy to drive you with a private tour to Paris, where you can enjoy all the beauty Europe has to offer. Would you like to combine your visit to Paris with a visit to another city in France or perhaps Brussels? We arrange everything according to your wishes. Our experienced drivers know all the beautiful places in Paris and beyond. Of course we adapt ourselves completely to your needs.

Paris is big and there is very much to admire. Our tips:
Eiffel Tower – Seine – Montmartre – Moulin Rouge – Disneyland – Louvre – Catacombs of Paris – Champs Elysees

Everything in a row

Paris is located in France, fairly close to the border of Belgium. From the Netherlands, we will transport you to this beautiful capital city in four hours.

The duration of your private tour Paris depends on your requirements. If desired, we can arrange for a guide to conduct a tour of Paris.

Paris is special in every season, which is why a private cab tour to this great city is interesting every day of the year.







Our many great private taxi tours

Would you like to take this Paris private cab tour in combination with another tour? We will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes. Submit your ideas to us and we will be happy to agree on a fixed daily rate. Of course we can also give you suggestions to make your private cab tour a very pleasant experience.

Enjoy comfort and luxury during your trip and book a private cab tour with Vip Taxi Armada. We always transport you in style, without cab designation and with a very representative driver who speaks several languages.