Private Taxi Tour Zaanse Schans & Old Holland

With our private cab tour Zaanse Schans & Old Holland you will experience a special one on a few strong but very different places in the Netherlands. You will visit Volendam, Edam, Marken and of course the Zaanse Schans. You will be driven to the various destinations on this day by an experienced driver, in a new car without cab designation.

All of our cars have luxury conveniences such as leather upholstery, heated seats, a phone jack, wifi and drinks and snacks along the way. We like to transport you in luxury, with your own private driver, just a bit different than you are used to. With our luxury private cab tour De Zaanse Schans & Old Holland you can be sure that you will be served at your beck and call. And all that at a competitive rate!

Our fleet are not only suitable for various forms of group transport, but also meet more requirements if the journey has to meet. Of course you can count on high-quality service and a friendly, skilled driver. Because they understand their profession well, you are always assured of a pleasant journey if you want to use VIP transport.


Would you like to visit four different and strong points in the Netherlands on a special tour? Then go to Volendam, Edam, Marken and the Zaanse Schans. In the Zaanse Schans you will find beautiful old mills with small stores and old crafts. During a walk you will see everything from the production of clogs to that of cheese, the sawing of wood to the manufacture of peanut oil and color pigments. The mills are a rich heritage and ecomuseum but also a picturesque place full of charm. The Zaanse Schans is a fantastic and peaceful place in the countryside, close to Amsterdam. You will find various activities, museums and workers’ dwellings, all of which are worth admiring.

Edam is a small authentic Dutch town and offers a special attraction that everyone knows: Edam Cheese. Marken is an island with a typical charm due to its green houses, harbor and lighthouse. You sail there by boat. The picturesque fishing villages of Volendam and Marken are the special final destination of your tour, where you will certainly enjoy yourself as well.

Zaanse Schans

Everything in a row

The Zaanse Schans and Volendam, Edam and the island of Marken are all in the region of Amsterdam, about half an hour’s drive from there.

The duration of this fun private cab tour Zaanse Schans & Old Holland is approximately 6 hours. If desired, we can arrange for a guide to take care of the overall tour.

The Zaanse Schans is open daily and you can visit the park year-round, but not all attractions are open daily. If you want to make sure you can attend a particular attraction, check the Zaanse Schans website.










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Would you like to take this Zaanse Schans private cab tour in combination with another tour? We will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes. Submit your ideas to us and we will be happy to agree on a fixed daily rate. Of course we can also give you suggestions to make your private cab tour a very pleasant experience.

Enjoy comfort and luxury during your trip and book a private cab tour with Vip Taxi Armada. We always transport you in style, without cab designation and with a very representative driver who speaks several languages.