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In the vibrant city of Amsterdam, known for its rich history, beautiful canals, and dynamic cultural scene, accessibility is essential for everyone to enjoy the city. For those who use a wheelchair, Taxi Armada offers a crucial service that guarantees mobility and freedom. This specialized taxi service is a testament to the city’s inclusive spirit, providing a reliable way for wheelchair users to connect with the many wonders of Amsterdam.

Wheelchair Taxi Armada offers an essential service focused on accessibility and comfort for individuals who rely on wheelchairs. Our goal is to make mobility accessible to everyone, regardless of physical limitations. We understand that accessible transportation is crucial in the daily lives of our customers. That is why we are committed to providing reliable, safe, and comfortable transport solutions specifically adapted to the needs of wheelchair users.

Our fleet consists of fully adapted vehicles equipped with modern wheelchair lifts and safety systems to ensure safe entry and exit. The spacious interiors of our taxis allow passengers to travel comfortably without leaving their wheelchairs. Additionally, all our vehicles are well-maintained and meet the highest safety standards. Wheelchair Taxi Armada is proud of its team of professional drivers who are specially trained to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility.

Luxury and Safe Wheelchair Transport

Need wheelchair transport at Schiphol?

A wheelchair taxi can be ready for you within one hour! We ensure you are transported safely, comfortably, and on time. We offer flexible payment options, including cash or account payments, for individuals and companies.

We strive to reduce the obstacles associated with limited mobility. Public transport can be uncomfortable for dependent or elderly individuals. Aware of this, we have sought solutions and invested in adapted vehicles. Our wheelchair taxi vans feature a lowered entrance and a lift for wheelchair users, allowing easy access for both travelers and their mobility scooters.

Our drivers are not only experts in safely transporting passengers in wheelchairs but also empathetic and helpful, always ready to provide assistance when needed.








We are ready to serve private individuals, business customers, and groups, ensuring timely arrival at the agreed address. We offer wheelchair taxi services in Amsterdam and surrounding areas in North Holland. For wheelchair transport, our wheelchair buses are often the most practical solution. We can transport any type of wheelchair and always have a suitable solution for disabled and wheelchair-bound passengers. It’s crucial that our vans meet all safety regulations.

Need to get urgently to the hospital but don’t have a wheelchair? No problem, we can bring one with us.

Wheelchair Taxi Armada provides tailored wheelchair and patient transport. We have the right resources, including medical taxis, wheelchair taxis, and spacious taxi buses for transporting wheelchair users, electric wheelchair users, and mobility scooter users. For over five years, Wheelchair Taxi Armada has been offering comfortable and reliable wheelchair transport in the Amsterdam region and surrounding areas.